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 To Whom it may concern,

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I would like to take this opportunity to commend Civplex management team for the quality and professional services they have provided and continue to provide for their clients on a number of  projects they have worked on. Both in my capacity as Telstra‚Äôs Damage Minimisation Manager and Dial Before You Dig assistant, I have found them to be honest and respectful towards their clients. I have been to many of their construction sites and found that they are able to maintain a rigid schedule while delivering a very high end building. They have a lot of respect for utilities and service near their site.

They promote the free Dial Before You dig services on their constructions sites. Civplex management were one of the first construction companies in Australia to cross promote the Dial Before you dig service on their work cloths and sites. 

I highly recommend Civplex management to any construction project. Please not hesitate to call me on 0408279226 if you have any questions.


Otre Moussa

Network Integrity




Through the Housing Industry Association Affiliation, CIVPLEX continue to grow and
develop on their skills and knowledge.